Places to spook you

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Looking for a haunted house or hay ride near Coweta and Troup Counties??


I just went to Six Flags for my husband's company family day. Although the event was nice and his company fed us very well, I was not sold on the Fright Fest Event. To really enjoy all the haunted events, you need to pay extra and adding that to the cost of admission, it can get pretty pricey.

So if you are looking to get your scare on and you live in the Coweta/ Troup County areas, here is some places for you to consider.


Pope's Haunted Farm- This one is the one we always go to and it is not so scary that younger children won't enjoy. . I really recommend this one.

pope's haunted farm


13 Stories Haunted House-I haven't been here myself and don't think would go. My daughter has been and she was not a fan. Don't believe you would want to bring your young children either.


13 stories haunted house



Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm- My husband has been here many times and likes it. Hopefully I will be going this weekend and will let you know if I do.


sleepy hollow haunted farm




So here is my list. If you visit any of these, I would love to know how was your experience!. BETWEEN NOW AND NOVEMBER 2ND, COMMENT ON YOUR EXPERIENCE AND I WILL ENTER YOUR NAME ON A DRAWING TO WIN A $30.00 GIFT CARD. 


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